The mentally ill in Israel are very lonely...

We must help them rise!

Zimra – From emotional crisis to empowerment !

Zimra offers support to the mentally ill in Israel, bringing them a ray of light and a glimmer of hope in their difficult lives.

Alone – at home or in the hospital – they crave some attention, a smile or a sympathetic ear, like they had in the past.

  What is mental health?

Mental health refers to our cognitive, behavioral and emotional well-being. Our thoughts, actions, and feelings are the products of mental health.
Mental health influences our daily lives, relationships, and even physical health. The ability to enjoy life by balancing our myriad roles and tasks is achieved through psychological resilience.

Who suffers from mental illness in Israel?

– Holocaust survivors

– IDF soldiers who fought in battle, with post-trauma stress disorders

– Terror victims experiencing trauma

– People overcome by a crisis, who lack resilience, and are in need of love 

A Warm Heart

Zimra volunteers reach out to the mentally ill by visiting them at home or in the psychiatric hospitals. The volunteers bring joy and hope to patients who otherwise have no support. Often, the encouragement provided by the volunteers are an emotional anchor for the mentally ill. In addition,
Zimra organizes wide-ranging activities and ongoing services throughout the year to improve their quality of life.

We are here for them!

Our Activities

Visiting the sick

Organizing events

Kabbalat Shabbat

Lag BaOmer bonfire

Apple and honey for the New Year

Sukkah events

Lighting Chanuka candles

Shalach Manot for Purim

Passover Seder

Distributing food for Passover to patients who are at home for the holiday

Maimouna festival (after Passover), celebrated outdoors

Home Visits

Feeling part of a community, with a support network, is of supreme importance for the mentally ill. Without social support, they face insurmountable difficulties in coping with their challenges. Their emotional condition can worsen. Zimra's volunteers visit the patients in their homes, providing encouragement and help. Often, these visits are a lifeline for the mentally ill, stabilizing their condition, and easing their return to normal lives.


Exposure to nature does wonders for the psychological well-being of the mentally ill, causing them joy and releasing them from their tensions. Zimra organizes nature trips as part of the patients' rehabilitation. The results are amazing, as many patients improve after the trips.

Food for the Sabbath and Holidays

Zimra discretely distributes food to the families of the mentally ill and to those in need. The food distribution relies on donations. Every few months Zimra tries to stabilize the families' financial situation so they can return to a normative lifestyle.

Joyous Sabbath and Holiday Meals

Our volunteers visit the patients in the hospital wards to dispel their painful loneliness, as well as to bring some joy from the outside world. The patients appreciate this gesture, and are empowered for the rest of the week.

Funding Treatments

Zimra provides financial support for the families of the mental health patients. They bear the financial burden of caring for their family members, whether through hospitalization, medications, referrals, and therapies. Zimra offers the family help, also after the patients' release from the hospital, when they undergo rehabilitation in the community. This help is especially important because in many cases the families have feelings of stigma, and try to hide the mental illness from their community. Zimra discretely provides financial and emotional assistance to help the mental health patient return to a normative life.

Sports and Library

Sports activities of Zimra helps keep the mentally ill physically fit, giving them stamina, and strengthening them emotionally. Reading books in hospital libraries, set up by Zimra, exposes the patients to the wide world, causing them to forget painful memories. Although the libraries are costly, they contribute to making the hospital stay more pleasant.  

A Unique Need

Zimra is a non-profit organization run by volunteers who bring sunshine and hope to the mentally ill people in Israel as well as to their families. Zimra relies mainly on donations from Israel and overseas, as well as on the spirit of volunteerism.
The organization fills a gap through its genuine giving. Our ability to continue providing assistance depends on donations. Join us in continuing to help the mentally ill people in Israel through your donation. Your donation means their ability to survive each and every day. Come be a part of our efforts!