Zimra supports mental health patients in Israel and brings a ray of light and happiness into their difficult lives. They sit alone, in their homes, or on a park bench in a hospital courtyard, and wait for a bit of attention, a smile or just for someone to listen to them. So that they can feel normal again, even for a short while.

Bank Mercantile, branch 635, account 36416
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Our Activities

Visiting the sick

Organizing events for mental patients

Kabbalat Shabbat

Apple and honey for the New Year

Sukkah events

Lighting Chanuka candles together

Shalach Manot

Seder on Passover

Mimouna in nature

Lag B’Omer bonfires

Festival of Shavuot

What we need?

Zimra is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers of many years, to bring a ray of light and give some hope to mental health patients and their families. Zimra is based mainly on donations from Israel and abroad and a strong spirit of volunteering.
We need you to help us get Zimra’s message out on social media. Come be a Zimra volunteer and help drive mental health patients, deliver Shalach Manot and other items for Jewish Holidays, and much, much more.